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Birthday & Mobile Parties

RAD Ceramics now has a storefront and we are a mobile studio.  This means you can come to us or we can come to the place of your choice with all the supplies you will need to paint your project.  Here is how that works.




  1. There is an $80 nonrefundable reservation fee plus the price of the pottery.

  2. We will provide a table for food/gifts, and we have a birthday banner that we will hang for your reserved area.

  3. You can choose from the many items we have on the shelves and then we give you painting instructions and you are painting.




1.   There is an $80 nonrefundable reservation fee plus pottery. You go online to and click on store.  Here you will find items that we have to offer and the price.

2.  You choose a piece for each participant. We can bill each person separately if needed.

3.  You then either call or email RAD with the list of items you want to paint with the name of each person next to the item they want, the date and time you would like us to be there and the address. We need a two-week advance notice to book your party. (You need to call to book your party time and confirm items will be ready for your event.)

4.  We will then get the items together and show up 1/2 hour before your painting session begins, to set up.

5.  We will stay for about 2 hours while you paint.  This is so that we can encourage you if you get stuck; show you how to use the paints, stencils, stamps, etc.

6.  We then gather the items up and bring them back to our place for glazing and firing.

7.  Then we will deliver them back to you in about 2 weeks.


What we need from you:

  • You to provide tables and chairs.

  • We need a source of water (let us know if we will be in park etc and we can bring a bucket of water with us).


I hope this answers all your questions and that you would like to choose RAD Ceramics for your ceramic painting session.  Feel free to call me or email me with any other questions or if you want to book a painting session.

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